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In 2022, backlinks are still one of Google’s most important ranking factors. We help websites build links from reputable blogs across dozens of niches.

Our Links Drive Real Results

We build quality backlinks that seriously impact your website’s rankings and traffic. We recently worked with an eCommerce client helping them build links to their key landing pages and blog posts, resulting in:

1. Create Key Pages

Before we can start building backlinks links to your website, we ensure that you have pages worth building links to. This can involve creating new landing pages, blog posts, or simply improving existing content.

2. Prioritize Targets

We create a personalized priority tier list for your web pages. We usually prioritize pages that can drive the most traffic or rankings with the least amount of backlinks.

3. Prospecting

Our team of link prospectors scours the internet to find websites your business would benefit from getting backlinks from. We do this on an ongoing weekly basis.

4. Personalized Outreach

Our copywriters create tailored outreach email templates for your niche. Then, we use to conduct personalized outreach, sending hundreds of emails every week.

5. Communication, Negotiation, and Link Placement

We keep track of communications with our prospects and negotiate link placements. In some cases, we offer something in exchange for the link such as a backlink exchange, a sponsorship fee, etc.

Why Should I Build Backlinks?

In today’s competitive SEO landscape, backlinks are all but essential if you want to rank well on Google. Quality backlinks can lead to:

Better Rankings

Backlinks lead to site-wide improvements in rankings.

Rankings for Competetive Keywords

In competitive niches, everyone has quality content. Backlinks are what truly determine if you rank #1 or #22.

Faster SEO Growth

Backlinks determine whether you’ll rank within 6 months or 2 years. The more quality links you get, the faster you’re going to rank.

Referral Traffic

Potential customers might click the backlink placements and end up discovering your website.

What is a Good Backlink?

Not all backlinks are going to help you rank better. At, we only build backlinks from real websites that are bound to improve your rankings.

We Build Links Over Dozens of Niches

Whether you’re a SaaS company, a one-man blog, an affiliate, or anything in-between, we’ve got your back! Here’s a short list of some of the niches we’ve built backlinks in:



Affiliate Blog

Information Product

Health & Fitness

Digital Marketing


Client Testimonials

About Us is a sister company of MintSEO, a full-service SEO marketing agency. We help clients in dozens of niches build up their website’s SEO from scratch.

Nick Zviadadze

Founder & Manager

Sid Manushi

Content Lead

George Kelly

Link-Building Lead

Nicole Williams

Link-Building Specialist

Our Services

We use a mix of different link-building techniques to create new backlinks for our clients. Some of our tactics include:

Guest Posting

We publish guest posts on other blogs with links back to your website

Niche Edits

We reach out to websites in your niche and ask for them to include a link to your site in one of their blog posts

Authoritative Content Link-Building

We create epic blog content that’s engineered to drive backlinks. We then reach out to bloggers and pitch a link to your new resource.

Broken Link-Building

We look for websites that link to resources that are no longer on the web, pitching a link to your resource pages as a replacement

Unlinked Mentions

We find mentions of your brand online without a link back to your website, and ask the website owner to include a link.

Link-Building FAQ

Have some questions on how link-building can impact your website? Find your answers in our FAQ below!

Link-building is the process of getting other websites to link to yours. This is usually done by reaching out to other website owners, building relationships, and asking for links.

Backlinks determine whether your website ranks in 6 months or 2 years. Link-building is an essential part of any SEO marketing strategy.

It depends. In competitive niches like finance, insurance, gambling, VPN, etc., it’s simply impossible to rank without backlinks. In less competitive niches, backlinks can help rank your website significantly faster than if you tried without.

When evaluating whether we want to build a specific link or not, we look at factors like topical relevance, DA/DR, website traffic, whether the website is legitimate or not, and the number of backlinks the site has.

It’s entirely up to you, but the more backlinks you build, the better/faster you’ll rank. For smaller companies, we recommend going for at least 5-10 backlinks per month. For more ambitious projects, on the other hand, it makes sense to build 50+ backlinks a month.

This one’s hard to tell as it really depends on your niche. In some cases, you’ll see results within months. In others, it’ll take anything from 6 months to a year.

Sometimes, yes. These days, website owners know just how valuable backlinks are and they’re less likely to give out links without a placement fee. In such cases, we cover the fees from our end.

Nope, we specifically focus on white hat link-building. Both PBNs and link farms can have a very negative impact on your rankings in the long term, so we avoid them like the plague.

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